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Phoenix digital marketing company, Magical Marketing Solution, has announced a new way to ensure that businesses are branded as authorities in their respective industries. The company states that studies show that most consumers have a smartphone.

A spokesperson for the company says that, “A smartphone can tell you whether or not you are an authority or wanna be.” He says that being an authority in a specific niche is crucial for businesses. He adds, “It is hard to argue that if I find multiple pages data on you in your niche, that you are going to be considered an authority. Being an authority makes choosing to do business with you and your company four times easier than your competition.”

More about how businesses can brand themselves can be found at the website of the company that is located HERE.

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“Thank you Magical Marketing Solution for helping me see a growth of 30% in the first three months. This has been an awesome experience. Your creative eye and your no nonsense approach to marketing has ensured that I will definitely be a long term client!”
Rhonda Williams
“I must admit it , when we first started our press release and marketing campaign I was a bit skeptical, having been burned twice I was hesitate to take another chance and waste more time and money. Boy, am I glad I was wrong ! Thank you for doing everything you said you would do and more . We are very satisfied with your service. “
“When our organization first began the quest to search for a marketing company that would not only help us build our brand , but also commit to helping us develop and create an online presence, Magical Marketing Solution has far exceed our demands and expectations. I look forward to an outstanding New Year!”
Ray Gipson

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The SEO company says that because most consumers now have smartphones, being found on the internet is a critical step in the success of any business. Studies show that consumers tend to search for businesses using their smartphones more often than they do with laptops or desktops, particularly when traveling. This means that businesses not found on Google could be missing out on a lot of business, according to the spokesperson from Magical MarketingSolution.

Magical Marketing Solution offers a suite of services that are designed to help businesses make themselves more known. The company spokesperson says that a business that is not found on Google is not likely to make it past the end of 2016. He says that being “Googleable” is critical to overall business success.

The company provides services that are designed to help businesses brand themselves as authorities in their respective fields. More about the digital marketingcompany, including a complete list of the services that they provide, can be seen on their official website at

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